The New Methodology of Deception



The art of being intentionally obvious can pay huge dividends in the game of poker. This form of counter deception can be employed upon novice and experienced players. All facets of play can be improved upon by adding this layer of subterfuge to live and online play.


The first area that can be improved by employing obvious plays is the pre-flop holdings. Many leaks can be plugged by refraining from crafty play. Positional raises are often seen as an attempt to steal the blinds and antes. An observant player will pick the correct occasions to re-raise the original raiser with a variety of hands. The light raise is punished more in a short stack setting than a deep stack environment.


The cure is to hold steady with the raises no matter what the position. This is especially true in cash games where the blinds do not escalate as they do in tournaments. Snugger play will allow your range to be considered narrower. Even on the most harmless of flops, positive equity steal plays are available because opponents believe that you hold either the flopped ace, an over pair, or a set. The table image is set by obvious play for all your opponents who take this facet into consideration.


The foundations of disguise has culminated in the form of the continuation bet. The evolution in poker theory has mandated that the pre-flop raiser has the obligation to fire out at flops that either have a high card or are low card dominated. Any board that lacks coordination in regards to flushes or straights are fair game for the pre-flop raiser to steal. Experienced players world wide know this and still fold to it. Tight players and the underfunded are especially vulnerable to this obvious play. History has not come up with a consistent counter to this tried and true formula. Employing this obvious play will pay dividends in most games.


The donkey bet is often an attempt by an inexperienced player to wrest the initiative from the bettor of the previous round. This maneuver is typically done out of position. The play is looked down on as it increases the pot with action still to come. An experienced player will use the obvious and transparent move of betting your hands. In this day and age of trapping, the obvious play of leading out is taken more as a sign of weakness than strength. The preconception that this donkey bet is probably weak can result in increased profit from leading out right away.


Poker and deception have traditionally gone hand in hand. If the cards were played face up, correct decisions would be made. By employing the obvious policy of displaying strength when you have it adds another layer to the psychological onion. The instincts that this method must be a deception befuddle many players into making the wrong decision. This risk adverse strategy will minimize leaks and loses while safely leading to some impressive paydays.