Sit and Go Strategy



Poker is a game where you can use your skill set to beat your opponents. While many people believe that poker is entirely based on luck, it is actually quite the opposite. In order to succeed at poker it is important to learn the correct strategy. Different forms of poker require different strategies. This article is going to focus on Sit and Go strategy.


A Sit and Go is a particular type of poker tournament. Any variant of poker can be used in a Sit and Go. There are No Limit Texas Hold’Em Sit and Go tournaments. There are also Pot Limit Omaha versions. What is similar about all of these different tournaments is that the same basic principals can be applied to each.


Basic Rules of Sit and Go Strategy

A Sit and Go is different than a cash game in that you only win money if you finish, or cash. You pay a single entry fee and then play for a prize. This structure means that you must utilize a strategy that is much different than the one you would use in a cash game. You only will win money if you finish near the top.


Your goal is to outlast other players. A common Sit and Go structure is as follows. 45 players enter a Sit and Go. Only 7 of those players will cash. The prize is top heavy and this means that the players who finish first and second will win much more money than the players who come in sixth and seventh.


You cannot re-buy into a Sit and Go. This means that your chips are important. You cannot play as many hands as you would in a cash game. This is the reason that Sit and Go specialists advise people to play very tight. You want to fold your bad hands. It is not worth playing pots with weak cards.


Basic Sit and Go Strategy

In a Sit and Go the blinds escalate. This means that the pots you play earlier on are not worth as much as the pots later on in the tournament. If you have a strong hand, then it is worth playing a pot early on in the game. However, it is best to fold weak hands.


Later on, when the blinds are big, you will have to start shoving all in. This is the point of the tournament where most players tend to have problems. It is vital that you understand the concept of push and fold. Push and fold refers to the strategy of shoving all in or else folding. If you have a stack of 1000 chips and the blinds are 50 and 100, then you only have 10 big blinds. Many poor poker players will try and limp into a pot and see a flop. This is poor strategy.


The correct strategy is to shove all in and try and get the other players to fold. You should look to shove all in with a good hand. You want to get the other players to fold, but if you are called you want to have decent equity. It is also a good idea to shove all in when the players who are left to act are timid. There are many people who are afraid of busting out of a Sit and Go and will fold too many hands. These are the people you should target during the late stages of a game.