The New Methodology of Deception



Would you like to know a little secret about poker? Lean in close to you make sure you read this clearly. Also keep in mind that what you’re about to read might shock you, but if you want sustainable profits, then it’s the way to go. When it comes to poker, there is much debate about what is more profitable between cash games and tournaments. The answer is neither. That’s right. If you want sustainable profits in poker, then you shouldn’t play in cash games or tournaments. Rather, you should play Limit Poker.


Limit Poker gets a bad rap because it’s not “cool”. It’s not cool for two reasons. One reason is that you can’t watch it on television. Another reason is that you don’t have an opportunity to go all-in, and since the all-in bet is the most appealing aspect of the game, poker players don’t want to bother with a methodical game like Limit Poker. The amount of poker players who choose No Limit over Limit just goes to show you how few of these players bother to go through the trouble of researching both variations.


Prior to explaining Limit Poker strategies, there is one important note that should be shared. If you play in a local casino and you see a guy who used to play No Limit and now plays Limit, stay far away from him. He likely did this because he researched the profitability potential for each game and chose to make the transition. The reason you should stay away from him is because the skill level is higher in No Limit. Therefore, if he has been playing No Limit for years and he’s now playing Limit, then the competition is going to seem like easy prey to him. It’s basically playing down to increase profits. More and more players are doing this, and they’re crushing Limit players.


If you want the simplest reasoning as to why Limit Poker is more profitable in the long run, then here’s an example. If you’re outplaying an opponent all day at a No Limit table and then find yourself in an all-in situation with two pair versus an inside straight draw, you’re going to feel good about your odds, but it’s very possible for your opponent to hit that draw. If you play poker, then you have been there. If he does that draw, then you may lose all your chips. The point is that you can outplay your opponents all day in No Limit and then lose all your chips because of one unlucky hand. In Limit, that’s not the case at all. In Limit, as long as you keep outplaying your opponents and putting yourself in advantageous situations, you will end up a winner in the long run.


As far as Limit strategy goes, it’s very different from No Limit. Let’s say you’re playing 3-6. In this game, you want a hand like AA in early position, not late position. That’s because you will have an opportunity to raise to $6 prior to any opponents being committed with a $3 call. If you’re in late position and you have AA and many players have already called, they’re not going to want to throw away their original $3. They will call, leaving you with too many opponents for a hand like AA.


In Limit, the strategy is simple. Here’s a quick checklist: