Poker For Mac



For some time, online poker has focused heavily on PC formats and browser-based game play. This severely limited the options available for customers who used Mac products. Even though Mac users were able to play at some sites through their browsers, a full poker client was unavailable to them at most online poker rooms. This limited the functionality available to Mac users. Fortunately, many of the premier online poker sites have since developed Mac clients for their games. This allows for some of the defining features of a Mac to shine through and can create a superior online poker experience for a Mac owner.


One of the defining features of Mac products is their design. These machines are efficiently constructed and take up very little space on a desktop. While this might not seem like a real advantage at first, an uncluttered desktop is an asset when engaging in an online poker session. Many players enjoy easy access to a reference book or two while they play. Also, since poker is a recreational pursuit, online poker players often enjoy a beverage or snack while they play. Most importantly, poker players need to have calm state of mind to play their best. An efficient, uncluttered playing area can certainly help create an efficient state of mind.


Another benefit of the Mac poker experience is the stability of the Mac operating system. OS-X is a wonderfully stable operating system that recovers from issues quickly. In an online poker session, this is vitally important. Many poker players choose to sit at multiple tables at once. Called multi-tabling, this strategy allows an expert poker player to maximize their ability to generate a profit. Some players can adequately handle eight tables of play or more at once! While attempting this strategy, a poker player can theoretically be involved in multiple pots at the exact same time. Depending on the limits that a player chooses to play at, this could mean that hundreds of dollars are at stake at any given time. If a player experiences a computer crash or operating system failure at a critical point, the cost to the player would be severe. OS-X tends to experience fewer crashes and can often recover from minor issues without a crash. The value of that to a serious poker player cannot be overstated.


Multi-tabling also lends itself to a Mac platform for graphical reasons. Macs tend to handle the graphical load of a computer application with ease. Also, many Macs come standard with widescreen displays. These features allow for a poker player to place multiple viewing windows on the screen with ease while maintaining proper computer performance. PC users can obtain the same result by utilizing multiple monitors. However, this requires configuration of the graphics card and the purchase of another expensive monitor. A Mac can typically handle this type of poker play without alteration.


While PCs have dominated the landscape of online poker for a while now, the choice to include Mac clients in most poker sites has allowed for users to gain real benefits from their choice to play on a Mac. Certainly, PCs handle online poker applications with ease. However, there are a number of compelling reasons to use a Mac for this purpose, and these benefits are more than just cosmetic considerations.