EU Poker Sites



Online poker is hugely popular in Europe. With the pro-gambling stance taken by European Union legislators, it is no wonder that a number of online poker rooms target this region specifically. For people who live in a region that allows for the use of these poker rooms, there are many options and opportunities. However, for people who are not used to poker in Europe, there is an adjustment period required. From deposits to play style, there are differences in the online poker experience in a European poker room that many customers might not expect.


One of the first major differences that a customer encounters when they begin to play at a European poker room is the deposit bonus. In the US, poker rooms typically offered modest deposit and reload bonuses. These bonuses were often a small percentage of a deposit up to a certain amount, such as 25% of a $500 deposit. Online casinos often offer a larger bonus.


Loyalty bonuses are another common feature of a poker room. Most often, players accumulate some type of points or rating based on frequent play. Once these points reach a certain amount or a player’s rating reaches a certain level, the player earns a bonus. Sometimes this bonus is simply cash, while at other times it can take the form of a tournament entry or a novelty item. As with the deposit bonuses, European loyalty bonus programs are more lucrative than with other poker rooms. For players who play at higher limits or who intend to play often, the benefit of this is substantial.


Poker variants are usually a matter of taste, and European poker tastes create a game selection that is different from other regions. While No-Limit Hold ‘Em enjoys enough popularity to make it a staple of any poker room, some of the other variants such as Stud or Badugi are difficult to find in any poker room. However, European poker players love Omaha, and because of this, Omaha games are fairly common. It is important to note that, because of its popularity, the Omaha games that are available are typically tougher than their counterparts in the US or other regions. A player used to crushing Omaha games on a non-European site may not enjoy the same success.


The general play style of European poker rooms is slightly different as well. European players tend to see a lot of flops. For players from other regions who like to enter pots with strength and weed out a lot of their competition before the flop, this presents a challenge. However, with some simple adjustments to strategy, this factor can create profit opportunities for an adept player.


Many of the differences inherent in European poker rooms are beneficial to the player. While there is certainly a required adjustment period, the European online poker experience is rich. With robust bonus options and a variety of game type available, European poker rooms are a wonderful play option for customers who can take advantage of them.